Borgess Hospital: Patient Stories April 7, 2014

Years ago, Borgess filmed a number of 30 second ads highlighting a select number of patients.  Borgess contracted Fresh Look Video to do a series of 2-4 minute videos on each of these patients focusing on “how they are doing now”, years after their incident.  The challenge on this project came with the B-Roll footage.

Since there was no money in the budget to shoot individual B-Roll with each of the patients we were given digital files of the film from the original commercial ads.  While the film was beautiful, it was unfortunately standard definition 720 by 480 resolution.  We ran some workflow tests and ended up sizing down our HD interview footage with each of the patients to match the film B-Roll.  We shot the interviews all over the Borgess facility with our Canon 5DMKIII and lighting package.

The project presented several more challenges in the editing phase because we were dealing with B-Roll footage that was not shot in accordance with our interview.  So, there was many instances where the footage we had did not match the audio of our story.  This forced us to be more creative in our approach.  So, while the end result video is SD we were pleased with the story we presented in each piece.

At this point in time we have done 7 of these Critical Care Comeback pieces and we look forward to doing more in the future.



Casey Stormes

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