Ferris Nitro Cold Brew April 10, 2018

We had the opportunity to team up with Ferris Coffee & Nut to create a launch video for their new Nitro Cold Brew.  We spent a lot of time discussing the best way to approach this product launch video. We decided on a short “lifestyle” type video showing people using the product in fun and approachable ways. Our team sat down and brainstormed scenes we would want to shoot. We came up with a diverse shot list that helped show off the convenience of the Nitro Cold Brew.  

For a lot of these shoots, we had to wake up early to film, lucky for us we loved drinking the cold brew just as much as filming it. We used some of the best actors in West Michigan to pull off this shoot, and they had a great time, got paid, and left with some cold brew to take home as a consolation prize.

As with any nonnarrative piece the beauty is found in the edit, once we got the song and utilized the idea of “ENERGY” the spot really took off. This edit was fun, fast and allowed us to really nitpick every shot to give us our best possible piece. The final product exceeded both the client’s and our expectations.

It’s projects like these that keep us moving forward and always reaching for new creative heights and partnerships that allow us to “run with it.”

The video turned out amazing, and we are super proud of the work our team put into this.  

Casey Stormes

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