Gilmore Keyboard Festival May 2, 2018

When a project like The Gilmore keyboard festival comes along it’s like a cool spring breeze filled with possibility.

You talk through the concept with the client and dream about how great it can be, you do your best to live up to the concept by planning out every detail of the shoot. Then during the process of filming and editing the project takes a life of its own. Like with every plant, you can water it, give it plenty of sunlight, but it’s true beauty isn’t revealed till much later.

If your lucky enough to be around when it blooms you get to witness the fruits of your labor and the magic of growth and collaboration.

The Gilmore Keyboard festival bloomed for us in the most mysterious ways, due to a willing client and a great partner in    C-Suite Strategic The ideas came to life in our volunteer actors and the music played on set, along with the hard work of our team in pouring themselves into each shot.

The end result was this beautiful spot that we hope captures the wonder and serenity people actually feel in the first or 50th time they attend the festival.

Sometimes it all comes together in a way you never see, but there it was all along.

Casey Stormes


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