Gordon Food Service Produce Video April 9, 2018

It seems like today the journey food takes from farm to table is on all of our minds. We had an exciting opportunity to tell this story through a client you may not have expected. Gordon Food Services is as committed to giving people as fresh of an experience as anyone since their reputation literally depends on it.

Shot over 4 days in Vancouver, and Northern California we had the inspiration to spare from the beginning of this project but flying into Vancouver was one of the moments where you appreciate living on Earth in the time that we do. Coming in over the mountains, and valleys of fresh produce set the color palette in our minds immediately and stuck with us through the entire edit.

It’s one thing to know where your food came from, it’s another thing to get to see the very hands that pull it from the earth and learn their stories.
GFS is a leader in the food service industry and this video shows how they continue to strive for excellence in every part of the process, to bring the best quality to your table.

Casey Stormes

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