Hospice of Michigan Commercial Shoot February 22, 2018

Sometimes you get a great opportunity to learn when you are creating. Our latest shoot for Hospice of West Michigan was just that, a learning experience.

Many preconceived notions come to mind when people hear the name Hospice. Unfortunately, a lot of them are negative. After our experience with the staff, and the people being served by Hospice of West Michigan we experienced nothing but positives.

Watching the Hospice workers interact with the people they are caring for live out their final days in comfort and quality was awe inspiring. We got to meet some beautiful souls and hear about how hospice helped their family members or them move on with dignity, or extend their time with the ones they love in a comfortable way.

While filming this we used an award-winning Director of Photography and a RED camera for a cutting-edge cinematic feel. During the editing process, we worked closely with an ad agency out of Ohio to craft carefully told stories to help dispel the myths of the services while bringing Our state, Our town, our Hospice stories to life.

Casey Stormes


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