Meijer commissioned us to create a video that will be used as a new-employee training tool, and it is probably to coolest “training” video we have ever seen.  The concept of the video is that every person who walks through the doors at Meijer, whether they are an employee or customer, has a different story to tell.  This was a 12 scene, 21-actor shoot that ran from 5am-2pm. This shoot required an enormous amount of pre-production and several site visits.  Everything had to be coordinated to the minute. With so many scenes to shoot, all in different locations, keeping on schedule was critical. We decided to get a little creative with some of our shots and tried some things we’ve never done before. For one of the scenes, we start out holding our drone and then mid-shot it takes off from the camera operator’s hands and the results are incredible. 

The entire shoot went extremely well and we were able to capture some amazing moments throughout the store. We are extremely satisfied with the final product and love the overall message it has. It’s always a joy working with Meijer and we can’t wait to work with them again.

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Casey Stormes

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