MooseJaw Shoot (Case Study for Monetate) January 20, 2014

We were recently hired by a company out of Philadelphia called Monetate to shoot a profile on one of their clients, Moosejaw. Monetate specializes in integrating the experience between a company’s website and the customer. Their client, Moosejaw is a popular outdoors retailer that uses Monetate’s software to drive email engagement to increase sales.

We started the day at Moosejaws retail store in Detroit, and the beauty of the location made our job almost too simple. We used our Canon 5DMIII and two Light Panels for the interior of the store. Along with our monopod and slider, we were able to capture high energy footage that encompassed the character of the store. After that, we were moving on to our next location where the fun really started to happen, the Moosejaw headquarters.

Right when we walked into their office we knew we were in for something special. Maybe it was the Macklemore rap music playing, the young employee crowd, the foosball tables, or maybe the fact that we were immediately struck with Nerf bullets. We were given a great tour of the facility and we decided to shoot in a conference room with colorful detailed graffiti style art on the walls. We shot two camera interviews with the Vice President and CEO of the company for roughly an hour then moved on to the fun of the B-roll.

The VP of Moosejaw was helpful enough to arrange one of their classic Nerf War Battles for us to film. We didn’t know what to expect. Filming the nerf war was what we could only imagine as being a war photographer in the middle east. Bullets flying everywhere, it was all we could do to protect the camera’s and our pride as we quickly moved about the office filming every moment of the battle. After that we grabbed more footage of the warehouse and, of course, the office dog. We then offloaded the footage to the producers from Philadelphia and we were on our way back to Grand Rapids.

The experience at Moosejaw was one of the most fun and inviting experiences we have had at a corporation. The people were accommodating and we were happy to shoot the profile on their company.

Check out the video that Monetate editors put together from the footage we shot: https://vimeo.com/83872143


Casey Stormes

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