Our Process

Fresh Look Video breaks down the process of video production into five important phases, that we call The Fresh Look Story. 


Step 1 

The first phase is devoted to the most important part of our process, your story. We take great pride in crafting and developing any idea into its full potential. As we focus on the story, the decisions we make in each of the subsequent phases will naturally materialize into the best storyline possible. 

The most significant question we can ask in the development phase is, why is your story important? By asking this question we are constantly reminded of its purpose and why it is necessary to tell this particular narrative. We then craft this purpose into a compelling beginning, middle, and end.

Next, we must ask, who are the characters in your story? The characters in any narrative are the most vital part to making an emotional connection with the audience. By focusing on who the characters are, we can portray them in a way that most naturally complements the stories purpose.

The last question we ask in the development phase of your story, is where does it happen? Locations add depth and interest to the plot of the narrative, as well as the characters. And since every Fresh Look Story is told visually, a motivating setting will only strengthen audience investment in the stories purpose.


Step 2 

During the pre-production phase of the Fresh Look Story process we plan all the logistical and creative aspects that we discovered in the development phase, with one overall goal, simplify.

Pre-production is the time to imagine any and all problems we could encounter during production, and tackle them in advance to make shooting your story as simple as possible.

Because we have already discovered the importance, the characters, and the setting, we next visually organize the shots of the narrative in a storyboard. This is a necessary creative step where we plan out the visual tools needed to depict your story.

Logistically, the storyboard is then transcribed into an efficient shot list with detailed notes about composition, lens choices, lighting, and movement all in an aim to simplify the production.

The next major part of pre-production is the schedule. A shooting schedule allows all of the production’s players to be on the same page when it comes to shooting. By breaking down the schedule in a detailed fashion we, again, simplify the actual shoot day.

The last part of our pre-production process is preparing the equipment needed for this particular story. Fresh Look Video offers a full suite of all production equipment needed to tell any story imaginable. By planning out in advance the lenses, cameras, lighting, and audio gear needed, we make the production of your story, simple.


Step 3 

The production phase of The Fresh Look Story process is where the execution of the previous planning comes into play. Because of the time put forth in the development and pre-production phase, the actual shooting of your story becomes the most straightforward and uncomplicated part of the process. This in turn allows us to focus on the creative needs to film your story in the most efficient manner possible. 


Step 4 
Post Production 

The post-production phase of The Fresh Look Story process is where the real magic happens in crafting the narrative. During this phase, we take all the RAW materials gathered in the production phase and assemble them into a fluent and consistent story.

This is typically the longest phase of the process because we are constantly re-arranging and cutting what is not needed for the overall importance of your story.

Fresh Look Video offers a full range of post-production tools that includes music, voice over, motion graphic, special effects, and color correction to all polish your story to perfection.

During this phase we again focus on why your story is important. By revisiting this question we can channel the edit to creatively meet the needs of your stories purpose, and thus get the most compelling finished work your story deserves.


Step 5

The last phase of our process is where your completed story reaches its desired audience. We are proud to offer a variety of formats to make your story viewed in the best possible method. Whether this includes DVD, Blu-Ray, or Web, Fresh Look Video is equipped to place your finished work into whatever delivery option you wish.

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